Choosing The Best Colour Scheme For Your Cheltenham Office Refurbishment

When refurbishing your Cheltenham office and looking for a suitable colour scheme, you must choose this carefully as it can significantly impact the productivity of your employees. Various studies have been done on this subject, showing that colours can affect the mood of employees, boost creativity, and help you focus. You can click here to see various colours you can choose for your office colour scheme and how they can affect your employees and the work they do for their business. Below are some different colours you can consider for your office and how they can stimulate your employees to increase their productivity.


Red is traditionally thought of as a colour of love, and it is a strong and vibrant colour that can also boost people in other ways. Red is a powerful colour, and too much of it can cause stress and anxiety, so if choosing this for your office refurbishment in Cheltenham, you will want to use it sparingly. The colour red can help stimulate your employees and help create an exciting atmosphere, and it can help ignite passion and energy from your workers.


Blue is a popular colour for the colour scheme of many businesses, and one of the reasons for this is that it promotes feelings of calmness, happiness, and comfort. Using the colour blue in your colour scheme for your office can help create a calm atmosphere that allows people to focus, but you will want to use the colour sparingly and avoid using too much darker blue. It is also said to help reduce the heart rate, so it is an excellent choice for high-pressure jobs to help keep people calm.


Yellow is another warm colour that is a popular choice for many offices, and it can help stimulate the mind of workers, increase positivity, and energise your workers. As with all colours, you will not want to have too much of it as it can be overpowering, and it is a popular choice for canteens and kitchens as yellow can also help stimulate the appetite apparently. It is also an excellent choice for companies in creative industries and can help create a warm and positive feeling in the office.


Green is a natural feeling colour, and it can help promote calm feelings and give you a sense of balance. It can help relax your employees and make an office seem much more spacious, and it is an excellent colour to use when you also embrace nature in your office. Paint your office shades of green and include lots of plants in the layout; it can positively impact your employees and help promote their mental well-being.


White is a common colour for many offices’ colour schemes, but it can be harsh and soulless and create an oppressive atmosphere. When considering using white in your office, you will need to ensure that you select an off-white colour, which will stop it from being too harsh. You will also want to break up the white by using accents of colour, which can help soften the tone of the office and make for a much more pleasant workplace.